Races and Nations

Medhaeme (Human Variant) (+1 STR +1 CHA) Often LG, LN or NG

The Medhaeme are a loose tangle of peoples who live in the north-center of the continent.  They are more of an ethnicity than a nation, consisted of tribes.  Medhaeme are religious and principled, but territorial and fearful of magic.   Medhaeme are new to this area, expanding from the north, considered by many as hostile invaders.  And they are perhaps the most talented in war of any peoples, considering the ability to fight and defend oneself a necessary virtue. Medhaeme are agricultural, living off the land, which they share in a somewhat egalitarian manner but use without great productivity. Perhaps the worst damage they have done is to neglect the ancient infrastructure on their lands and push out merchants due to their superstition for trade.  They are however quite welcoming and fair to guests, always happy to have cause for a celebration.  The Medhaeme are the main subject of this campaign.  The people are consistently threatened by the Altmaenne to the North and struggle to make peace with the neighboring Elves.  Medhaeme adventurers are common and are usually barbarians, bards, fighters, clerics, rangers, paladins, druids and sorcerers.  

Altmaenne (Goliaths) Often CN, CG or CE

The Altmaenne are a brutal race of conquerors and pirates.  For a lack of arable land and besides hunting, the Altmaenne live by raping and looting those around them.  Their attitude is haughty, and they consider themselves something of a master race, though innocently.  Instead of conceiving their kingdom as lying to the geographical north of the rest of the world, they think they are literally descending to an underworld when they venture from their shores.  Altmaenne who are unfortunate enough to be lost here are called Syudtnar, and are effectively excommunicated.  The achilles heel of the Altmaenne seems to be their constant state of civil war and superstitious awe and fear of anything well crafted or magical.  Altmaenne adventurers deviate from their racial stereotype and are most commonly Syudtnar, who are relatively more peaceful.  They are often barbarians, rangers, druids and fighters.  

Zwarkne (Hill Dwarves or Gnomes) Often CG, NG or LG

The variety of Dwarves most often encountered, called Zwarkne (Ts-var-ke-nuh) by the Medhaeme, resemble more the Dwarves of Germanic folklore than those of the Tolkein universe.  They live in mountains and are craftsmen, and often possess magic.  They are devious by nature but largely peaceful.  They do not make themselves visible in human public, instead relying on their racial trait of invisibility.  Like the Elves, the Zwarkne are basically magical by nature- how they even survive in their hidden homes is somewhat inexplicable.  Zwarkne usually wear pointed red hats (a source of much of their magical power). Zwarkne adventurers are commonly clerics, bards, rogues, sorcerers and wizards.  

Zwarkne possess the racial power of invisibility.  They may become invisible per the spell invisibility once per long rest. 

Dverge (Mountain Dwarves) Often LN or LG

The Dverge are rarely seen in Medhaem or anywhere of Western Aldweald except as traders or on missions to communicate with their Western relatives.  Their society is ancient, a stretch of mountain fortresses bounded in the inaccessible reaches of the north eastern mountains.  Their homeland is known as Maggmauer, called the Mountains of Might in the common tongue. Dverge society is extremely rigid and traditional, and rebels are treated with absolute scorn, pushed out into the mountains to deal with life by themselves.  They are however talented warriors, armorers and have preserved much useful knowledge from the past. Dverge adventurers are commonly fighters, clerics, rangers and paladins.  Outcast Dverge may be racial Hill Dwarves and are often barbarians, fighters, druids, rogues and rangers.

The Han (Variant Human) (+1 WIS, +1 CON) Often LN, NG or LG

The Han are an insular race of humans that have for millennia existed quietly in their hidden plateau kingdom.  Their land is poor so their population is small and non territorial.  They sometimes work as guides or carry out compassionate religious missions. Their villages are surprisingly hardy and defensible. They may find themselves unrecognizable outside of their own lands. Han adventurers are commonly clerics, druids, monks, and rangers.   

The Steppe Orcs (Half Orcs) Often CG, CN or CE

The Steppe Orcs are a nomadic peoples found wandering between borders, Heaven's Cliffs to the west, The Mountains of Might to the north, and the Hopeless Wastes to the South, reaching indefinitely out to the unknown East. Their style of living is tribal and gender egalitarian.  They possess all of the innocent violence and light-heartedness of a primitive culture. As long as one follows their customs, travel through their land is possible, as long as it's well defended. Steppe Orcs are commonly barbarians, fighters, druids, rangers and sorcerers.  

The Elves of Verdantia (High and Wood elves) Often NG, CG , N, CN

Verdantia lies on the Western border of Mehaem and between the human kingdom of Ardor and Insel to the North.  Verdantia and the north of neighboring Insel are mysterious forest kingdoms known only to those who live there, for they are protected by strong magics.  Elves are lesser fey, and are magical by nature. They possess a certain aloofness to anything beyond themselves, and are feared for their power.  Dark Elves may be found in wild places and are assumed wicked by other races, including other Elves.  Elven adventurers are rare but are usually bards, clerics, druids, sorcerers, wizards and warlocks.  

Men of Ardor (Variant Human) (+1 DEX, +1 CHA) Any alignment

Ardor is a human kingdom living to the south of Verdantia in the extreme West of Aldweald. Among the lands on the continent, they are the one most influenced by the once great Empire of Essentia.  They possess a strong trading culture and have perhaps the best maps available of the known world, are known for their great sailors.  Ardormen/women worship a single God and are guilty of much zealotry.  Following the fall of Essentia, Ardor has degenerated and their kingdom is poor and disorganized.  Ardormen/women are often adventurers and may be bards, clerics, fighters, paladins, rangers, rogues, sorcerers and warlocks.  

The Halflings of Isle (Insel) Often NG, CG, N, CN

There are still a few Halflings on Isle, but they have been mostly driven out by invasions and settlement from Ardor.  Most halflings wander the continent as musicians and traders.  They are sometimes prized for their ingenuity or scorned as thieves.  They carry their traditions with them and most Halflings are strongly attached to their families.  

Xiphosia (Tieflings) Often CN, N, NE, CE, LE, LN

The Tieflings of Xiphos possess now the most advanced civilization of Southern Aldweald after the decay of their neighbor Essentia. Their society is extremely hierarchical, utilizing slave labor, and their influence is domineering and imposing.  Their history is one of many dynasties, infighting, wars and reckless conquests that have restricted their strength and influence. This age has also made them talented mages and they are generally sophisticated. Xiphosa adventurers are often bards, clerics, fighters, monks, rogues, sorcerers, wizards and warlocks.

The Dragonborn (Dragonia) Any non neutral

Dragonborn are very rare creatures and are almost never seen in Medhaem except at the northern coast.  They come from a land called Dragonia which has since been reclaimed by its Dragon ancestors.  The place is at war with itself, the Altmaenne and the Dverge, with no seeming end.  Most of the metallic Dragonborn have been driven out, and struggle for survival on the far eastern coast of the Reckless Sea.  Despite this desperate condition, as always, the Dragonborn possess the nobility and strength of character that follows their ancestry.  Dragonborn adventurers are usually clerics, paladins, fighters and sorcerers.  

Races and Nations

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