Other Places


Essentia lies far in the south of Aldweald, between Ardor and Xiphos.  Essentia was once the seat of a great Empire that stretched from Ardor to Isle to what is now called Medhaem.  The society was advanced and cultured as much as it was a military power.  It's not known how or when the Empire came to its knees, but it is now perhaps the most dangerous and corrupted part of the world.  The place is filled with monsters and ancient ruins. There are places too of strong and dangerous magic, for the Essentians were talented mages.  It is a lawless place where the worst kinds of magic, violence and crime may be conducted in secrecy.  

The Triangle

This region refers to that between Verdantia, Medhaem, Ardor and Ancient Essentia to the south.  It is therefore a place of strategic importance, historically a center of trade and difficult alliances.  Over the past century the Medhaeme have steadily grown into the territory, displacing Elves and pitting them against the weakened state of Ardor.  It is now a place of banditry and chaos, a shadow of its former great self.  

The Reckless Sea

Plaqued by unpredictable weather and freezing temperatures, the Reckless Sea is treacherous but still traveled.  Altmaenne pirates are its greatest navigators, followed by a few talented Ardormen.  Its northern coast is Althaem, and is called the Jagged Coast.  It's a series of fjords that enable the Altmaenne to rain terror on the southern shore.  Those unfortunate enough to live here deal with the constant threat of invasion.  




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