Aldweald.  The Ancient World

Enter Aldweald, a world based loosely on the European dark ages.  

In Aldweald life is a struggle: poor, nasty, brutish and short.  It lacks not only the technology we possess today but even simple things we take for granted like accurate maps or roads.  

The societies that exist can barely be called civilizations.  Magic, medicine and writing exist but are virtually unknown to most of the world.  Most people make by with their interpretations of religion and mythology. Diplomacy is minimal and war is largely the rule.  When there isn't war, there's famine, disease or climate disaster. And it is wild.  In fact, in most areas it can be expected that animals and monsters rule.

But for all of these dark and forbidding elements, Aldweald is also a place of magic, beauty and wonder. The very land seems alive, touched by the gods and dotted with the ruins of lost civilizations.  

If you are adventuring in Aldweald, you should travel warily.  It is likely that you will encounter places and danger (or treasure) that have not been touched for centuries, if ever at all.   You can expect that most people you meet will be foreign and hostile to you.  However, if you bring the right companions along, have the blessings of the gods, and a lot of luck, you might just survive.

The next place you should go is to the Wiki page to read details about Aldweald on the way to making a character.  You may also view the campaign setting map in the Maps section.  Characters can be created in the Characters section.   


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